Elliptical Turning: an Introduction with David Springett (DVD)

DVD, 57 minutes
Elliptical Turning: an Introduction with David Springett (DVD)
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If you have ever wondered how that little gem of an oval picture frame or beautiful oval dish was made, speculate no more. With Elliptical Turning - An Introduction, you will learn turning techniques to create your own stunning pieces.

David Springett, the master of the seemingly inexplicable, demonstrates in detail how to create an oval frame with a molded edge. With practice, the easy-to-master techniques will lead you to the creation of superb elliptical frames, dishes, and boxes. You'll learn how to build a simple homemade chuck to fit your lathe, enabling you to turn these fascinating pieces. Marvel at the intricacy of Springett's work and study Elliptical Turning - An Introduction, and soon friends will marvel at your work too!

David has been a professional woodturner for more than 20 years.

DVD, 57 minutes
57 minutes
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David Springett