Welding by Don Geary

Softcover, 350 pages, illustrated
Welding by Don Geary
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This hands-on guide to welding covers everything a beginner needs to know to work safely and productively with welding equipment. Starting with the basics of setting up a welding outfit and with a focus on oxyacetylene welding, this book discusses new processes, fuels, equipment, supplies and welding techniques in an easy-to-understand format. It even covers safety issues and how to set up your own welding workshop.

It also provides welding projects for beginners to try out what they've learned. It's an ideal hands-on learning tool for beginners and an excellent bench reference for experienced welders.

Table of contents:Oxy-acetylene Welding Fuels. Oxyacetylene Welding Equipment. Setting Up an Oxyacetylene Outfit. Other Welding Methods. Metals and Their Properties. Welding Supplies. Soldering. Brazing, and Braze-Welding. Beginning Welding. Welding Thick Metals. Finishing and Problem Solving. The Weldability of Metals. Cutting Metal. Safety. The Home Workshop. Metal Projects.

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Softcover, 350 pages, illustrated
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