Art Anatomy of Animals by Ernest Seton-Thompson

Softcover, 160 pages, fully illustrated
Art Anatomy of Animals by Ernest Seton-Thompson
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A prolific author of books on wildlife, the great naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton was also an accomplished illustrator. Noting a dearth of general zoological anatomies for artists, he took it upon himself to create one. This volume is the result of his efforts. In it, he provides a definitive artist's-eye view of the exterior anatomy of animals, helping readers depict surface features such as hair or fur, as well as basic body and facial structures. Chapters cover a number of domesticated and wild species: the anatomy, size, and proportion of the lion, tiger, leopard, and other members of the cat family; bears (including the grizzly, European brown, American black, and the polar bear); as well as the camel, Indian elephant, and the caribou. Additional sections consider the horse in motion, the gallop of a dog, and bird feathering. One of the most widely consulted books on the subject, Art Anatomy of Animals will be a valuable addition to the libraries of both instructors and students of art. Unabridged republication of the edition published by Macmillan and Company, Ltd., London, 1896.

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Softcover, 160 pages, fully illustrated
12.1 x 9.7 x 0.4 inches
Ernest Seton-Thompson