Organic Metalworking - Volume One - The Grapevine

paperback, 72 pages, over 300 full-color photographs
Organic Metalworking - Volume One - The Grapevine
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"Organic Metalworking - The Grapevine" is a publication which will be the first in a series that explores Lorelei Sims’ passion for creating functional ironwork that emulates the asymmetrical patterns found in nature. This first volume features information, insight, instruction, and projects inspired by the Grapevine.

It features over 300 full-color photographs that illustrate techniques for recreating vines, tendrils, leaves, and grape bunches in metal. It is geared for the reader who is familiar with how metal moves, but would like to expand their capabilities. ù

The use of varied tools and equipment are discussed - including electric and pneumatic hand tools, welding, plasma cutting, and of course, traditional blacksmithing.

The Grapevine includes 15 projects with step by step instructions, as well as a few images of Lorelei’s commissioned ironwork, to provide inspiration to the reader. Organic Metalworking can be used to describe the aesthetic composition of Lorelei’s work, but it also refers to the natural development and exploration of her metalworking skills.

Lorelei Sims
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Paperback, 72 pages, over 300 full-color photographs
Lorelei Sims