Secrets of the Forge: Beginning and Intermediate Projects for Blacksmiths

Hardcover, 225 pages, over 800 high-quality color photos, 9-½-inches x 11-¼-inches
Secrets of the Forge: Beginning and Intermediate Projects for Blacksmiths
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"There is a wealth of knowledge in this excellent book. Exceptionally well organized and presented, "Secrets of the Forge" is unreservedly recommended for personal, professional, community, and technical college library collections on the art and science of blacksmithing". - Paul T. Vogel, the Midwest Book Review

This is the English language translation of an internationally bestselling book for blacksmiths. This new printing has been completely re-edited and is also priced substantially less than the original printing, which was imported from Europe. 

In this fascinating and useful project book for beginning and intermediate level blacksmiths, twenty-four Italian master blacksmiths share their techniques with you on a great variety of jobs, ranging from the basic and simple to the more complex and artistic.

This large 250-page hardcover book measures 9-½-inches x 11-¼-inches and contains 48 different blacksmithing projects. The individual steps of each job are clearly illustrated with high quality close-up color photos.

The text in this new translation has been expertly edited so all technical details are clear to the reader.

Secrets of the Forge begins with basic smithing jobs such as twisting bars and making spearhead shapes and scrolls. As you progress through the book the projects become more difficult and complex and involve forging truly artistic iron sculptures such as a duck in flight, a snail, flowers, a dragon, a nude, and more.

The book concludes with two highly specialized projects: making a Damascus steel blade, and the construction of a fully functional hand-forged lock.

There is a wealth of knowledge in this excellent book. Experienced professional smiths will get as much from it as novices. Antonello Rizzo is also the author of The Blacksmith's Project Book: Intermediate & Advanced Projects from European Masters which picks up where Secrets of the Forge leaves off.


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Year Published:
Re-edited, all-English edition, August 2018
English only
11¼ x 9½, over 800 high-quality color photos
Antonello Rizzo
Technical Editor:
Gerald Franklin
Jim Blaho