Electric Guitar Making and Marketing

Softcover, 318 pages, illustrated
Electric Guitar Making and Marketing
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This book tells you everything about making electric guitars following professional standards, phase-by-phase, step-by-step.

It's all about leaving your dent in the universe in the shape of the most beautiful, incredibly sounding guitar you can make—that's clear. But building guitars professionally starts before you even cut the wood: You need to setup your workplace, you have to define your identity as guitar maker, and decide the guiding principles of your endeavor as luthier. What kind of guitars will you build? For whom? What is going to be the winning characteristic of your instruments?

And then you have to sell the things, of course, so the last part is focused in the marketing process. You will read about positioning your brand, pricing your instruments, photographing them, promoting them, building a great website for your lutherie business, using social networking to show your work to the world, and managing and closing guitar sales.

Written by renowned luthier Leo Lospennato (author of the bestseller "Electric Guitar and Bass Design") this book represents the new standard in solid-body guitar making, and the only resource that presents both the technical and commercial aspects of the fascinating art of building musical instruments. 

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Softcover, 318 pages, illustrated
Leo Lospennato