Terra Cotta Work by Paul Hasluck

Softcover, 160 pages, illustrated
Terra Cotta Work by Paul Hasluck
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This is a recent reprint of a book published over 100 years ago.

To the amateur, the name 'terra cotta' is the Italian equivalent of 'baked clay' and encompasses ornamental pottery for architectural purposes.

Archaeologists are indifferent as to whether the art of terra cotta work preceded sculpture in stone, but evidence of its antiquity is afforded by the numerous cornices, friezes and bas-reliefs found in the ruins of some very ancient buildings.

In this book you'll get the History and Manufacture of Terra Cotta.  To supplement, it goes on to illustrate and describe the many phases of terra cotta work through history of the art and practice.  Included is the finesse work of ornamental fountains, monuments, castings, flower pot and numerous works of art that you can create with the use of this book.

160 pages, illustrated (b&w).


Year Published:
2007 reprint of 100 year-old book
Softcover, 160 pages, illustrated
8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Paul Hasluck