The New Spruce Forge Manual of Locksmithing: A Blacksmith’s Guide to Simple Lock Mechanisms (Revised and Expanded)

Hardcover, 304 pages, full color photos and illustrations
The New Spruce Forge Manual of Locksmithing: A Blacksmith’s Guide to Simple Lock Mechanisms (Revised and Expanded)
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The practical approach to the subject is refreshing, as it removes some of the smoke and mirrors often associated with the topic. With over 800 clear photographs and illustrations, coupled with very detailed written instructions, this is a book that I wish I had written. “- Mark Aspery, author, instructor, artist-blacksmith.

"I have many books about forging (been forging for 37 years, full time for 30 years) in my library and I have to say this book is one of the best. Everything about this book should be the benchmark for how a craft book should be written/ illustrated. Bloody fine job, gentlemen!!!!" - 1clinkerman.

"WOW! This is a quality book in every way." - Patricia Dawson, Hot Iron News (publication of the Northwest Blacksmith Association).
“(This book) is a goldmine of information about lock mechanisms.  It is a "must-have" book for anyone interested in basic locks.” – Bill Ganoe, The Anvil’s Horn (publication of the Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association)
“This is an excellent book.” – Barry Myers, On the Anvil (publication of the Philip Simmons Artist Blacksmith Guild)
“The book offers a good entry into locksmithing. The basics are well covered so that even a beginning blacksmith can start working on the projects. The book is also a valuable reference for smiths repairing locks. By now I have had the opportunity to repair a couple of locks for customers. This would have been a bit easier if I had read this book beforehand.
For me, the book was an inspiring read, which I recommend to every smith interested in locksmithing.“ – Patrick Beck, California Blacksmith (publication of the California Blacksmith Association)
“(This) new edition has all the techniques and tools in a 60­ page section entitled 'Technical Information: Tools, Techniques, and Procedures'. I have to say I was impressed by the basic blacksmithing instruction. This material could make a nice small basic blacksmithing book all by itself!
I liked the original Spruce Forge Manual. It was a standard recommendation for anyone who asked about “lock books”. And now I'm impressed with (this) new 2022 edition.”Steve Alford, Bituminous Bits (publication of the Alabama Forge Council)
“If you have an interest in blacksmith made locks, having a copy of (this book) in your shop library will be an asset. The authors have converted their knowledge and experience into an easy-to-follow format, with the techniques and processes found in this book easily translating into other blacksmithing projects.” – Steven Sporre, The Upsetter (publication of the Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association)
“The 1999 publication of The Spruce Forge Manual of Locksmithing is a great introduction to lock work. This 2021 (edition) is even better.” – Mike Otis, Forge Facts (publication of The Rocky Mountain Smiths)
"At first I was hesitant to review this book. My preconceived notion was that locksmithing is a pretty narrow topic. I was also concerned the tasks would require greater precision than I would be capable of. After reading the book I feel that it has much broader appeal than I had expected.
The tools, techniques and processes section is quite helpful as it covers a number of topics not often seen in general blacksmithing books. A good amount of locksmithing entails cold work. This book goes into very good detail about creating desired shapes with cold chisels, engraving chisels, files and hacksaws. This is helpful in many different projects.
The book contains 14 separate lock projects. Each project is illustrated with dimensioned layouts and patterns as well as photographs and written instructions. The instructions are easy to follow. They also include instructions on making gauge blocks to control critical dimensions of various lock parts.
The book is well organized and easy to follow. The processes are presented in a way that an intermediate blacksmith should be able to complete any project while increasing their skill level. The section on tools and techniques is applicable beyond locksmithing and provides information not covered in many basic blacksmithing books." – Bill D. Kendrick, The Forge Fire (publication of the Indiana Blacksmithing Association)
“The first 65 of the 300 pages are devoted to Tools, Techniques, and Procedures. It covers basic forging skills, necessary tooling, how to make the tooling, creating patterns, and just about everything you will need to know to create the locks in this book. There is a lot of cold work in making locks. This book goes in detail about how to use chisels, fullers, hack saws, and files. It also covers cold bending, broaching, riveting, and tenons.
When I first received the book there was one lock I wanted to make. Now that I have gone over it a few more times I am up to 5 that I want to make when time permits. The instructions are easy to follow, mastering the skills will take a little longer. The fully dimensioned drawings and patterns will help with getting things right. There are a lot of techniques in this book that will transfer to other blacksmithing. But that is the point of the book.” Mike McLaughlin, BAM (the Newsletter of the Blacksmith Association of Missouri)

“This new edition is greatly expanded and is an excellent resource.
I have not made a lock before other than a sliding bolt type. With this book I believe I could attempt a more advance lock and succeed. The book is divided into Technical Information and Lock Patterns and Instructions.
For anyone new to blacksmithing this first section alone would be very helpful (for) understanding the basics. Even the more experienced smith can benefit from this stepping-stone to locksmithing. There’s 300 pages of information (in this book) that would make a great addition to any library.” Rob Fertner, Editor, Central States Metal Artisans Newsletter

The New Spruce Forge Manual of Locksmithing: a Blacksmith’s Guide to Simple Lock Mechanisms is a totally revised and expanded version of the original work from 1999. This new hardcover edition, at 304 pages and with more than 800 color photos and illustrations, is more than double the size of the original manual.

It is divided into two distinct sections:
Technical Information - This section is a reference manual in itself that covers the specific tools and techniques needed to build all the parts for each lock, as well as providing the information needed to understand the assembly instructions outlined in the second section.
The Locks: Patterns & Instructions - This section provides the plans and detailed instructions for each of the 14 lock projects in this new edition. The clear assembly instructions describe when and how to use the technical information provided in section one.
The authors have maintained their original trademark style that relies on well-illustrated step-by-step instructions that guide you through the whole lock-making process. They have also kept their low-tech approach that demonstrates how to go about creating good work using only a handful of simple tools.
Making blacksmith locks is an age-old skill the authors of this manual are helping to preserve by passing on their knowledge to this book’s readers. The New Spruce Forge Manual of Locksmithing is also an excellent introduction to benchwork, which is a useful skill for any blacksmith to acquire. This manual will become a valuable, trusted and often referred to sourcebook in your blacksmithing library.
Hardcover, 304 pages, more than 800 photos and illustrations.
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Year Published:
December, 2021
Hardcover, 304 pages, full color photos and illustrations
Dennis Frechette & Bill Morrison