FORGED: Making a Knife with Traditional Blacksmith Skills

Hardcover, 132 pages, full color
FORGED: Making a Knife with Traditional Blacksmith Skills
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“Concise and simplified instructions along with the illustrations made for an informative and easy to follow plan. The injection of tips kept me wanting to read and learn more. The simple, yet effective layout of information and instruction made this an enjoyable read. A great source of tips and tricks for any bladesmith from start to finish. This book is a must read for up-and-coming bladesmiths. It inspired me to try my hand at an all-traditional knife build in the future.”Lee Crawford, Professional knifemaker and winner of the Naval competition in TV’s “Forged in Fire” in the tournament of the Military Branches, Central States Metal Artisans Newsletter. 

“Lavishly illustrated, and with technique very clearly explained, this book is a WINNER.  Highly recommended if you want a NO-BS primer on how to forge a blade.  Beautifully photographed, a very pleasant surprise.”Stuart Geisler, Moderator, The Original International Blacksmithing group Facebook page

".... does an excellent job explaining the process of forging a knife but also in instilling enthusiasm for doing this the traditional way." – The Forum, newsletter of The Guild of Metalsmiths

“… this one’s a keeper.” – Rob Fertner, CSMA Editor

"The author provides an excellent blend of blacksmithing and knife making techniques and processes." - Albin Drzewianowski, "The Hammer and Tong"


This book will teach you to hand build a knife using the traditional method of blacksmiths of old — FORGING. 

Traditional forging of a knife blade is a process which uses the ancient techniques of moving hot steel with hammer and anvil alone into a knife-form that is ready for filing, heat treating and sharpening with no or very minimal electric grinding.

This book also teaches traditional fit-and-finish skills using only hand tools. It explains an ancient riveted full-tang handle construction system that surpasses modern methods. 

In the author's words; "In my early blacksmithing years, I was lucky to get to know some old smiths who wrangled hot iron every day just to make a living. They unselfishly taught me traditional blacksmithing skills and knife forging methods. Every time I use those skills and methods, I honor their friendships, and by teaching you, the reader, we keep alive the memory of those old-time iron pounders."

Hardcover, 132 pages, 150 photos and illustrations, $29.95.


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Hardcover, 132 pages, 150 photos and illustrations, full color.
Paul White