Antler Knife: Making a Sami-Style Knife Handle and Sheath

Hardcover, 112 pages, 208 color photos and drawings, 10-in. x 7-in x .5-in.
Antler Knife: Making a Sami-Style Knife Handle and Sheath
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“…. well organized. Walks you through the steps of doing a traditional antler handle and sheath in a logical and easy to follow manner. The photography is excellent and includes nice step-by-step pictures to walk you through your builds. I have a soft spot for Scandinavian knives and have made a few with blade blanks myself. Mine are functional but not all that pretty, and I've only worked with wood for handles. After reading Antler Knife, I'm inspired to stretch my skills and give something a little better-looking a try.” - Tim Stetzer, Knives Illustrated magazine.

"I am a US based knifemaker - I read a lot of books and I found this book to be of rare exceptional quality. The publication choices that were made were perfect. The images are high definition and clear. The instruction is precise and to the point. It is very easy to follow along. The colors are vibrant and true. Ulf is a master of his craft, but more importantly he is a great teacher. He shares all the details you need to make one of these amazing Knife/Sheath combos. I am well on my way to completing mine.

The book starts out with an introduction and some basic history of northern Sweden. There is an overview of the Primary Materials to get you accustomed to what is referenced throughout the instructions. The book has an excellent section on curly-grained woods, hard woods etc. It has a very informative section on Leather selection that I found especially useful. Tanning, softening, etc. Nothing is forgotten in this book. Tools are covered. Enormous detail is given on how to construct the handle of the knife. He covers many materials and processes for working on the pieces. The amount of pictures is hefty! I might pause to say that if you just enjoy reading you will love this book as well! It is fun to read and enjoy! Shaping the Handle is covered in detail. Making the sheath, beltloop, and decoration is covered in great detail as well!

There is a bonus Kosa section as well! What I really liked was how so many of the steps were true to the old traditions! Amazing. If you are into knifemaking and are ready to make scandi knifes. This is the book for you. I have read thousands of books and this is one of the top 5 I have ever read! Wow. So impressed." - Splinter, Amazon reviewer


This book’s detailed step-by-step instructions concern 1) selecting and preparing the material for the knife’s handle and sheath (e.g., the antler, the leather, the wood and the bark), then 2) using the material to build a classic and authentic antler knife the Scandinavian way. Most of the comprehensive and valuable instructions in this book, whose author lives in northern Sweden, concern the intricacies of working with antler, a subject in which the author has over 50 years of experience. The instructions will help you to avoid mistakes and to learn important procedures, tricks and tips so you can develop your own style.

Although the author uses reindeer antler for this knife, he explains you could also use moose or caribou antler.

The author says, “I hope this book will lower the reader’s learning threshold for working with antler, easing the knifemaker into this amazing hobby, and inspire readers to use their imagination and do something new”.

Hardcover, 112 pages, 208 color photos and drawings, 10-in. x 7-in x .5-in.
Artisan Ideas
Year Published:
112 pages, 208 color photos and drawings, 10-in. x 7-in x .5-in.
Ulf Avander
Technical Editor:
Gerald Franklin