Italian Masters of Wrought Iron, Volumes 1 and II by Giuseppe Ciscato

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Italian Masters of Wrought Iron, Volumes 1 and II by Giuseppe Ciscato
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The first volume of this set is entirely in Italian with no English translation. However there is little text and the importance of the book is in the photographs, not the text. The second volume is in English and Italian, on the same page.

The untranslated Italian title of the two volumes is: I Maestri Italiani del Ferro Battuto.

BOOK ONE: "The range of work covered includes classical architectural fences and gates to modern sculpture and restoration work. The amazing thing is that this is all the work of living master artist blacksmiths from Italy alone. I had no idea Italy had such depth in the field of wrought iron work." - Jock Dempsey, AnvilFire.com

"One cannot look at a book such as this and not be amazed, both by the encyclopedic scope of the book itself, and of the work within." - Brian Gilbert, The Hammer's Blow (Blacksmith's Bookshelf)

Weighing just over eight pounds, this stunning oversized title is the Rolls Royce of wrought iron books. The Italian Masters of Wrought Iron' showcases the sublime work of leading Italian wrought iron artisans and artists.

Boasting a staggering number of photos -- nearly 1,100 images over 500 magnificent pages -- it features the most interesting and beautiful work being produced today by Italy's wrought iron masters. Frankly, no other book on this subject comes close in size, selection or beauty.

This extra-large volume is primarily a visual almanac, and will serve as a fantastic source of ideas for a vast range of wrought iron works, from the practical to the purely artistic.

Hardcover; 500 pages,  850 color and 350 b/w photos, large size 9-1/2 x 13 inch format. Copyright 1999.

BOOK TWO: This is not an update of Ciscato's fabulous bestselling 'Italian Masters of Wrought Iron'. It is an entirely new book with new photos (over 1500!). And this time it is in both Italian and English.

You will find the new work of well-know Italian blacksmiths but also the work of many rising stars.
It's hard to believe but this book is even larger than the first and contains more photos.

Space is also given in this volume to bladesmiths and their work with damascus steel.

You'll see the whole panorama of contemporary Italian smithing in hundreds of beautiful photos in 'The Italian Masters of Wrought Iron volume II'.

Hardcover, 530 pages, 1500 color photos, , large size 9-1/2 x 13 inch format. Copyright 2007.

Hardcover, oversized format, 13" x 9 1/2"
13" x 9 1/2" each.