Installing Casing and Installing Baseboard: Mastering Finish Carpentry (2 DVDs) with Gary Katz

2 Universal DVDs
Installing Casing and Installing Baseboard: Mastering Finish Carpentry (2 DVDs) with Gary Katz
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Casing and Baseboard form the foundation for much of the joinery in finish carpentry. Using a range of tools and techniques, these two programs focus on fundamental and advanced techniques for creating tight and durable joinery, emphasizing accuracy, efficiency, safety, and success.

Topics in these two programs range from: · Casing simple picture-framed windows · Traditional stool-and-apron · Built-up classically-inspired door heads · Scribing casing to wickedly bowed walls · Reinforcing miters with biscuits, splines, and the latest clamps

In Mastering the Miter Saw, Programs 1 & 2, viewers learned essential techniques for cutting casing and baseboard precisely. Follow the natural progression to Installing Casing And Baseboard, Programs 3 & 4: Learn how to make a cutlist, cope inside corners with a Collins Coping Foot, pre-assemble bullnose corners, and more. Slide shows and articles cover a range of additional topics, like making a zero-clearance fixture for your miter saw, using a table saw safely, and even more tips on coping small and large profiles.



I learned more about measuring and cutting casing and crown than I did in 22 years of building homes. -- Mike Guertin, Contributing Editor, Fine Homebuilding

I’m impressed with the material...the ability for the typical lay person to be taught in a very non-threatening fashion. -- Brian G. Johns, Orange, CA

Katz's "anyone can do this" attitude draws crowds at trade shows…an appropriate choice for his debut DVD! -- Brian Pontolilo, Fine Homebuilding

Thank you for the educational experience that would have taken me years to acquire. -- Doug Ridgway, Saskatchewan, Canada

With this combination of video, slideshows, and articles, the learning curve is almost flat. -- Craig Savage, author of Trim Carpentry
Gary Katz
2 Universal DVDs
Gary Katz