The Complete Rehabilitation of the Flintlock Rifle, (Muzzleloaders Gunsmith's Manual) by T.B. Tryon

Softcover, 118 pages, Illustrated
The Complete Rehabilitation of the Flintlock Rifle, (Muzzleloaders Gunsmith's Manual) by T.B. Tryon
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“A very detailed sometimes technical reading on muzzleloading rifles and pistols. The segment on rehabbing old barrels is fascinating. Lots of good know-how and information in this book”.John Ford

It is difficult to describe a book with a title such as this. Perhaps it should have been called "The Muzzleloaders Gunsmith's Manual." It is all here: re-bluing, repairing, refinishing, etc.

The book covers the Kentucky flintlock, the percussion Plains rifle, double barrel Manton shotguns. In fact, it is a complete book on muzzleloading guns.

The book contains original articles which appeared in The American Rifleman. They were reprinted courtesy of The National Rifle Association.

These articles by T.B. Tryon had been buried in the few copies of the American Rifleman that have survived since the thirties.

New duplicates can be built or old firearms repaired by studying this book.

The proper procedures for loading, shooting, and cleaning old firearms are discussed in deatil.

The book answers in one volume what most people in the past have had to use twenty volumes to find.

Chapters include: Handling the flintlock rifle; Shooting flying; The percussion Plains Rifle; The Colt Dragoon on the Plains; The complete rehabilitation of the flintlock rifle; Recutting, rebouching and refinishing the barrel; The reconditioning of locks; Stock refinishing with notes on set-trigger adjustment.

Softcover, 7.8 x 5.1 x 1 inches, 118 pages, Illustrated with drawings and indexed.

Pioneer Press
Year Published:
1987 edition
Softcover, 118 pages, Illustrated
7.8 x 5.1 x 1 inches
T.B. Tryon